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Welcome to my website...
If you are looking for something unique for your special occasion then you have come to the right place because when it comes to ceremony, nobody does it like the English and why not ? Coming from a country steeped in tradition you would expect no less. It is uniquely recognised that the occupation of a Toastmaster as practiced in the United Kingdom is steeped in history and is supremely English. No other country in the world has a recognized profession as a Toastmaster. There are MCs but they do not have the knowledge and expertise of a trained English Toastmaster.

"My passion is to make your dreams a reality..."

The English Toastmaster is now available to give your Wedding Day that extra 'touch of class' that only a trained professional can. Specializing in 'On-the-Day' Wedding Coordination, you will be given a free Zipped Wedding Planner/Folio when you engage the English Toastmaster, you will have his full online resources made available to you, including Wedding Planing Worksheets, Calculator, Pen, CD of Budgeting software, Local Suppliers list, Wedding Traditions list, Speech writing help, etc., etc.,

Today's modern Toastmaster is a Master-of-Ceremonies, events manager and co-ordinator, diplomat; calmer of nerves and stroker of dented egos, time-keeper and master of the safety pin. In his bright red coat, that flash of color that gives his very presence a touch of class, theatre, style and pzazz, he presides over your event making sure that everything runs smoothly and better than expected.

Based in Baton Rouge, The English Toastmaster is available nationwide to inject some ceremony into your 'special occasion', relieve you from the stress of the on-the-day organization and yet still retain that sense of fun. From greeting guests to helping your Photographer, announcing the Receiving Line, liaising with your Catering Manager to introducing the Speeches.

After many years performing on stage Ronald has develop an appreciation of proper procedure for the 'Big Occasion' whilst retaining an all important sense of fun. His experience and expertise make him the perfect stage manager for your special day

An Ex-Member of the English Toastmasters Association, Ronald Greenfield is now available in the U.S.A. ( Based in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, but available nationwide ).

Quote... "The American wedding market is about to get an extra touch of class.".... from Richard Palmer, Founder Member of the English Toastmasters Association.

Please browse through this website to get an insight into why you should have an English Toastmaster at your next functions or event and then get in touch for a chat or email for availability.

As you make plans, I will be in constant contact with you and only a phone call/email away to offer advice and guidance. We will meet several times before your event to go over details for this most important time of your life.
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The services of an English Toastmaster are far reaching and can be used anywhere that a 'touch of class' is needed to enhance an event... the services provided are only limited by your imagination.
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There are a large amount of Wedding related articles to be found on the internet and I have included a few that I think are worthy of a place on this website.

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