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As you can imagine, it is very difficult to place a price on this page without
knowing the full details of your requirements from the English Toastmaster.
There are various factors that have to be taken into consideration i.e. duties
required, distance from my home base, etc..

Therefore, I would be please if you would kindly contact me by email or
telephone and then I will be able to give you an accurate price according
to your requirements.

CLICK HERE to contact me for more information.

As you make plans, I will be in constant contact with you and only a phone call/email away to offer advice and guidance. We will meet several times before your event to go over details for this most important time of your life.
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The services of an English Toastmaster are far reaching and can be used anywhere that a 'touch of class' is needed to enhance an event... the services provided are only limited by your imagination.
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There are a large amount of Wedding related articles to be found on the internet and I have included a few that I think are worthy of a place on this website.

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